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Good-Bye Summer!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the summer is basically over and I could not be happier. I mean, this summer actually was pretty enjoyable compared to recent years but I'm really not a hot weather kind of person. I LOVE vactioning somewhere tropical and enjoy the beach when I can just hang out and not have to worry about any little people. lol But, it's been oh about 7 years since I had that kind of summer vacation.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the fall season. It's my favorite. I love wearing sweaters and jeans and boots and all that fun stuff.

Emilee starts Pre-k next week. I can't believe it. She's going to a Christian/Lutheran church and they call it Jr.Kindergarten. Isn't that adorable? I don't know who's more excited, her or me! ha ha I'm excited for several reasons. One being I think it will be good for her to have some classroom structure other than Sunday School. She is soooooooo smart but LOVES to talk and do her own thing - very independent - so I think this will be great for her. The second reason is I will get a bit of a break. I know, I know, what a bad mommy I am. Not bad, honest. lol It is hard work being a stay at home mom of 2 rambunxious little girls (yes, Gracie is a busy little girl too). We don't have any family up here and no real baby sitter close by so it's just me and them, all the time. I'm very thankful for being able to stay home and raise my girls - I would not have it any other way - but it's hard work and I'm also thankful for the break. Now, before I go on, I just have to say this. Tim is GREAT! He really helps out sooooo much. After a hard day at work, he'll come home and help out with dinner and dishes or just hanging with the girls. He's always willing to give me a break when I need one and has on many, many occasions taken over to give me some time to myself. I really could not ask for better. :)

My third reason for being excited about Jr. Kindergarten is being able to spend some time with Gracie. I've never had any time alone with her really since she was born and I'm looking forward to it. I missed this age with Emi b/c I was working full time so I'm really happy about being able to be with Gracie during this time.

My last reason for being excited about JK is that I'm hoping to get to the gym a few mornings a week to use the gym membership I've been paying for. lol They have daycare and there will be just enough time for me to do a quick workout, go home, shower and then pick Emilee up.

Did I mention that I've lost 60 lbs so far? Well technically 58.6 but I weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers and I KNOW I'll pass the 60 pound mark this week. Yay! I've been doing Weight Watchers since the end of March and I could not be happier with the results. It's been a real lifestyle change for me and I'm in it for the long haul. I'm not brave enough to post any progress pictures yet but soon. ;)

I think that sums it up for now. I've been a big time blog slacker this summer. All my blogs have been suffering. Well, not ALL of them. I started a new blog called Sass n Scrap Designs because i have FINALLY figured out how to design digital scrapbook kits. So I've been creating about a kit a week to giveaway as a Freebie until I can team up with an online store and sell my designs. Go me. :)

3 enchanted replies:

mudpies4all said...

Wow! First of all, great job and congrats on the weight loss! You are an inspiration, girl! As for your other thoughts, I think most moms out there know exactly what you mean... I know I do. I love my time with the kids, but sometimes moms need a break too. Sounds like your family is fabulous, and I think Gracie will definitely enjoy having her mom all to herself for awhile. Enjoy this time of firsts and sweater mornings! ~ Dawna

Kjl2003 said...

I don't blame you for wanting some time. You have done your time..LOL
Enjoy this special time with Gracie.
And of coarse, you are my inspiration for losing so much weight!!!
Can't wait to see you Friday!
Love you lots!!

Robyn said...

You are AMAZING!! So proud of you and totally relate to your JrK thoughts!