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Keeping Busy - Some New Pics

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So, business has been really slow and since my life is not crazy enough with 2 crazy little girls (insert rolling eyes), I have been doing blog design to keep me busy. I'm participating in a Giveaways Carnival which basically means a bunch of people get together and sponsor a giveaway on their blog. We then post the link to our giveaway on on main page and people will then go to our blog and enter our contest. Well, I could use as much exposure as possible for my business so we're participating. We get such great comments and responses about the website - how cute our products are, how easy it is to navigate, etc. but no one is buying anything. :( Not sure how much longer we can go on because we're losing money keeping it going. So, if you are a prayer warrior, could you pray for God's will and direction for us and for the business? We put a lot of time and energy into it and would love for it to be prosperous. We're in a tough spot because unfortunately, we're unable to sell any of our products on Ebay.

We broke out the bounce house again the other day and the girls (and half the neighborhood) had a great time. Gracie probably did more roaming around the yard than bouncing but it kept them busy for a good while. Here's some pictures. Probably looks a lot like Gracie's birthday pictures but that's okay. :)

Oh, here's a few nice little pictures of Gracie after she decided to color her face with pink highlighter. That was nice. lol

On another note, Tim is off this week - had to use some time before he lost it so this should be an interesting week. lol He hopes to do some work in the backyard - just cleaning it up a bit.

Emilee had an ear infection last week which was really weird because she has only had 1 since she got tubes put in 2 summers ago. She's back to her normal, feisty, strong-willed self so she must be feeling better. ha ha

Gracie has been asking for Justin for the last few days. I explained that he's with his mom so whenever she asks for him she answers her own question with "his mom?". It's too cute. Emilee on the other hand understands that he moved away and is anxious to get his big bed. lol Hopefully in the fall when it's not a suana upstairs we can move her and Gracie up there as well as us.

Nothing else really to report. Until next time........


God Moments

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Last night was a girls night out with some of my girlfriends. Emilee is sick with an ear infection and Tim was working late so I could not make it. Not a big deal. I've missed them before and I know there will be others. Then today I was reading a post that a friend of mine had written about an encounter they all had last night with a lonely old man who they were able to share the love of Jesus with just by listening to him talk and not shunning him. I started to get a little bummed because I missed out on that. A God Moment. Then I was quickly reminded (a soft rebuke maybe from the Holy Spirit) that I was taking care of my kids and that was just as important. I'm really enjoying my kids this summer. I've purposed to do things with them and just enjoy them. Even if it means just going for a drive or running errands. I'm doing what God is requiring me to do at this time in my life. Sharing (and showing) the love of Jesus with my family. Those, too, are God Moments.



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Just want to test out my new little siggie feature. :)

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Gracie's 2nd Birthday Pictures

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Today is Gracie's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe how fast time flies. We have truly been blessed by her presence in our lives and here is how we celebrated her special day. :)


Enjoying the summer

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This summer I decided that we're going to have fun. Regardless of the hot weather, me and the girls are going to do some fun things. I'm hoping to plan a few outings with some friends and some play dates too. I am taking some time off from all the time I spend on the computer to just really enjoy being with my family. I also plan on doing some serious praying and just seeking God for His will in my life and the life of my family.
On a side note, I have been doing a little bit of scrapbooking too. Here are 2 pages that I did today.

I haven't scrapbooked in a long time but it's something I really enjoy and I hope to do more of this summer. I plan on taking lots of pics of the girls and our "adventures" and scrap away!