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{I think I'm going to do blog design again}

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So I've been doing some thinking. I've been wanting to get a part time job to help out around the house but with little miss Gracie still at home, it's kind of hard. I even actually applied to a couple of places and nada. I was kind of happy because as soon as the thought to go back to work came, it left. Not surprising. I'm a little flaky like that. lol Anyhow, I started thinking about blog design. I know how to do it. And people make money doing it. Why aren't I doing it and making money at it?

So, here we go again. I'm going to start blog designing again. I don't plan on making a fortune. I don't even plan on charging what some people charge. If I can make a few bucks and help out then yay!!

So, if you are looking for a cheap custom blog design, let me know. :)

Things have been a bit quiet on the homefront. Nothing too crazy to report. We did do some baking and painting over the last few weeks so I'll be posting those pictures soon. Emilee and Grace are both doing great in school and I couldn't be happier. :) God is certainly good!


{New Crafty Blog}

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When I originally created this blog it was meant to be a personal blog about my life with my hot hubs and my adorable daughters. Then I started blogging about craft projects that I found around the web. So, I decided to make a separate blog for my projects. Please follow and subscribe check out my new blog: The Girl Creative. On there I'll be posting tutorials on projects I've done around the house whether it be sewing or scrapbooking or what have you. I will also post links to cool projects that other bloggers have done.

So, if you don't mind, please go check out my new blog. :)

{Apple & Pumpkin Picking}

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There's a farm I heard about from my friend Jackie called Lawrence Farms. If you are from the Hudson Valley (NY) it's located in Newburgh. I've been meaning to take the girls there and thankfully Tim was off on Monday so I suggested we go. I'm so glad we did. We all had a great time. There was so much to do to keep the girls busy from the little village playhouses to hay mazes to apple and pumpkin picking to the general store to feeding the animals to...........well, you get the picture. :) Speaking of pictures, here are some from that day.

Here are the little villians in Jail. This better be the only inside of a jail they ever see! Aside from maybe visiting Daddy at work. lol

The Guest House

Daddy and his girls. It's so hard to get them to pose. lol You can rent the cool wagons for $5. The girls had a great time being pulled around by Daddy.

I think Gracie's face is so funny in this picture. It looks like she's about to sneeze but she never did. lol A little side note about this picture - see the cornstalks behind them (the one in the middle)? Well that used to be the back of some man. I "photoshopped"a cornstalk over him and added some pumpkins. Not bad, huh?

"Miss Thing"



{Returning the Cart}

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Almost every day I'm faced with a decision. Should I return the cart? Let me explain. Up near where I live, for some odd reason, to use a shopping cart at the supermarket and some other stores like Target requires putting a quarter into the cart to unlock it for use. I'm usually pretty good with making sure I have a quarter in the ash tray in the car. But, there are times when I get to the store and nothing but pennies. Ugh. So, I scour the parking lot looking for one lone wagon that has not been returned to the shopping cart parking garage (SCPG - no idea what they're actually called but this sounds good). I have to admit that if I do have a quarter I most definitely return the wagon so that I get my quarter back. I also have to admit though that I appreciate the lazy people who do not return their wagons back to the SCPG. What would I do without them? In fact, I sometimes am one of those people. Like this morning at Target, I was very happy to find a wagon that was not locked in with the rest so when I was done, I left it outside for some poor soul who does not have a quarter. I can just picture the excitement on their face as they see the loner just waiting for someone to come grab it and the excitement that they're feeling that today was their lucky day. lol

All that to say that I find myself faced with a decision each time I go shopping. Do I return the cart to the SCPG where it belongs or do I leave it inbetween parking spots when leaving the store? Sometime I feel bad for leaving them there when there's nothing wrong with my legs and I can easily return it. But since I appreciate the people who don't return their wagons, thus giving me a wagon to use when I'm quarterless, I find that I feel it's okay to leave a stray wagon for someone else to use.

So, there's a total random post without the "Just Another Random Post" title. :)


{A Few Steps Forward}

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I think one of the hardest things about blogging is coming up with a name for each post. I mean how many posts can you call "Just Some Random Thoughts" especially if you have a blog like mine? No real rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it's about my silly girls. Sometimes it's about the projects I'm working on. Sometimes it's about what God has spoken to me. Sometimes it a whole lot of nothing.

Anyhow, this past week I feel like I've taken a few steps forward in my life. They're all kind of small steps but at least they are steps forward and not back. The first step is with our finances. I use my debit card. A lot. I rarely keep track of my bank account so I never really know for sure how much money we actually have in our checking account. Well this week I decided to take out some cash (based on what was left after I paid most of the bills) and keep track of my spending. I have to say, it feels good to be in control.

My second little step is with my weight loss. In the spring I had gotten down to the lowest I had been since my wedding. I was down 96 lbs. Yeah, that's right. 96 lbs as in 4 lbs from 100. It was a huge accomplishment to get that far. I'm not done yet but still a great feat and something to be proud of. Then this summer we had a chemical pregnancy which completely threw me off the weight loss band wagon. I gained about 15 lbs. I struggled all. summer. long. trying to get my head back in the game. Trying to get back into tracking my Weight Watchers points and eating healthy. I had a few good weeks and then I would revert back to my old habits. Well, I'm back on track thanks to my hubs who has been supporting me through my ups and downs and to my BFF, Karen who is also a huge Weight Watchers success story. She's been on me like a fly on........well, you know what. lol I promised not to shoot her with all her checking up on me (like every. single. day.) if she promised not to shoot me if I have a bad day. Not a bad deal. lol Anyhow, I weighed in today and was down a half a pound. I consider that a victory. What I also did today was begin Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout. 30 seconds into the WARM UP I was hating Jillian. lol I may or may not blog about my progress because I tend to be inconsistent but I'll try. Pray that I stay focused and complete this 30 day routine. Oh, if you'd like to see my before picture, here you go.

It was good for me to post this. I have not looked at this picture in awhile and it's a great reminder of where I've come from and where I NEVER want to go again. Here is what I look like now (the pic is from earlier in the year but give or take a few pounds, it's pretty accurate).

So, those are my steps forward. I'm thanking Jesus that He's moving in these areas of my life. :)