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{Returning the Cart}

Almost every day I'm faced with a decision. Should I return the cart? Let me explain. Up near where I live, for some odd reason, to use a shopping cart at the supermarket and some other stores like Target requires putting a quarter into the cart to unlock it for use. I'm usually pretty good with making sure I have a quarter in the ash tray in the car. But, there are times when I get to the store and nothing but pennies. Ugh. So, I scour the parking lot looking for one lone wagon that has not been returned to the shopping cart parking garage (SCPG - no idea what they're actually called but this sounds good). I have to admit that if I do have a quarter I most definitely return the wagon so that I get my quarter back. I also have to admit though that I appreciate the lazy people who do not return their wagons back to the SCPG. What would I do without them? In fact, I sometimes am one of those people. Like this morning at Target, I was very happy to find a wagon that was not locked in with the rest so when I was done, I left it outside for some poor soul who does not have a quarter. I can just picture the excitement on their face as they see the loner just waiting for someone to come grab it and the excitement that they're feeling that today was their lucky day. lol

All that to say that I find myself faced with a decision each time I go shopping. Do I return the cart to the SCPG where it belongs or do I leave it inbetween parking spots when leaving the store? Sometime I feel bad for leaving them there when there's nothing wrong with my legs and I can easily return it. But since I appreciate the people who don't return their wagons, thus giving me a wagon to use when I'm quarterless, I find that I feel it's okay to leave a stray wagon for someone else to use.

So, there's a total random post without the "Just Another Random Post" title. :)

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KIKI said...

I personally think you are just in your decision to leave your cart out for someone else to take. I would just hope that they were in as much need of a "FREE" cart as you were.

Have a super weekend!! It's Happy Hour over at my blog:

Anonymous said...

hey there,

happy saturday sharefest! stopping by from SITS :)

Nicole said...

Thats really interesting. Here we dont have to do the quarter thing but I always take my cart back because my 1st job ever was @ a grocery store and 3 times a shift I would have to go hunt down all the carts and it was annoying! lol Yes I know it was my job BUT still when its 90 degrees outside it would help alot when people returned their carts =D So I do it out of guilt lol


Anonymous said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Looks like we share "escapades" in our blog name. Great minds think a like. I love your concept and your pink!

T~T said...

I have never heard of the quarter release in Target? ONly at the airport?

I always try to park by the cart return