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Has it been THAT long?

Okay, I seriously can't believe that it's been since December that I've blogged here. What a total slacker I've been, huh? Things have been busy though. In a good way. My craft blog, The Girl Creative, has taken off so that has kept me busy. We reached 100,000 visitors this week! Yeah!!!! So exciting! We also launched New Friend Friday this week which brought our daily hits to a record high. Good things happening over there!

I finally began blog designing again so again, busy. I just designed my blog design blog and am really happy with how it turned out. Go check it out HERE. I gave this little blog a facelift too. It still needs some work but it's getting there.

My sister is getting married in 2 weeks so the next few weeks are going to be nuts. Traveling next weekend to LI with both girls in tow while Tim stays home to perform in our church's Easter production, Jesus Yesterday, Today and Forever. Sad we are missing it. He has THREE roles! That same weekend we have my new baby niece's christening. I became and aunt again in December, on my Emilee's birthday in fact, and got my first niece, Alexa. Soooo cute!

Oh goodness and I started this ridiculously insane workout called Insanity. Yeah, I'm totally crazy. I hate! lol But I hope my hard work pays off!

So yeah, that's basically where I've been. I hope to blog here more often. :)

If you need a blog design, come see me. :)

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