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God Moments

Last night was a girls night out with some of my girlfriends. Emilee is sick with an ear infection and Tim was working late so I could not make it. Not a big deal. I've missed them before and I know there will be others. Then today I was reading a post that a friend of mine had written about an encounter they all had last night with a lonely old man who they were able to share the love of Jesus with just by listening to him talk and not shunning him. I started to get a little bummed because I missed out on that. A God Moment. Then I was quickly reminded (a soft rebuke maybe from the Holy Spirit) that I was taking care of my kids and that was just as important. I'm really enjoying my kids this summer. I've purposed to do things with them and just enjoy them. Even if it means just going for a drive or running errands. I'm doing what God is requiring me to do at this time in my life. Sharing (and showing) the love of Jesus with my family. Those, too, are God Moments.

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Shannon said...

I agree. There are times when I feel like I have so much I want to do but then I remember that i am doing exactly what I need and want to do in raising 4 great people. When the child raising is finished, if that ever really happens, then I will use my time for other things. But today, my first and most important priority is bieng a mom. Thanks for the reminder!