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{Free Behavior Chart}

Princess Emilee had an okay first day of school. Well, it was her first half day. She begins her full day Kindergarten tomorrow. When I picked her up she was crying. Her teacher told me that she was upset because a girl in her class had gotten a sticker for exceptional behavior. Emilee does not notice that 14 other kids did not get a sticker. She only noticed that she did not get one. Then her teacher proceeded to tell me that she had a hard time following instructions and listening. :( We've had this problem in the past and I used behavior charts at home to help encourage good behavior. She did really well with them.

One of my biggest flaws is that I don't really follow through with much. I've started and stopped so many things so it was no big surprise to me that the behavior charts only lasted a few weeks. Well, here's to my second attempt!

I made this chart that I'm going to print out and hang on our kitchen wall under the calendar. I also made stars that I'm going to cut out. Every day when she gets home, if she had a good day in school, I will give her a star to put up next to that day. At the end of the week, if she has 5 stars then she will get a reward. This week I think her reward is going to be Baby Dora which she has been asking for for months. I think I'm even going to put velcro next to each day and then a piece on the back of each star for easy on and off. I'm hoping to be consistent with this and I'm really hopeful that she will have a great day tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of praying about and and thank God that He is concerned about everything that we're concerned about. There is nothing too big or too small. He cares about them all.

Please feel free to click the image, download the file and print out. Please share with your readers but be sure to direct them to this post to download. :)

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4 enchanted replies:

MandyMoo said...

I hate it when my little one has a sad day at school - poor thing! And on her first day - that's a rough one for mommy!
I have a princess who is naturally a little naughty, too. She's in 2nd grade now and being in school had really helped her behavior. I bet it does for Emilee, too.
What a sweet little behavior chart! Love the velcro idea, too :)
I bet it makes a big difference for her!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

You are doing a great job as a mummy and don't doubt it for a second! First day at school is hard for any child and I am not surprised she didn't follow all instructions etc. She was probably just getting her bearings!!! Don't worry I am sure in a few weeks she will be well settled in. V V early days and don't be hard on yourself!!!
Love and hugs Collette xxx

Debbie said...

What a great idea! I bet she will love it.

Kimmy C said...

Positive reinforcement at its finest. School is such a big change, she'll settle in!

Love the chart.