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{The First Day of School}

So the day has finally come. The first day of school for Emilee (kindergarten) and Gracie (preschool). They both only had to go for an hour today but they both did really well. Grace went right into the room and began playing with the toys. I was able to leave, fill out papers and come back without her even noticing. She even told me "I didn't cry". What a big girl she is. She begins her regular class on Tuesday where she'll be starting on the color purple and will be learning about creation during Bible time. Absolutely love it that she will be learning the Bible. :)

Emilee and I got to her school and found a bunch of parents and kids waiting outside. I was excited to see one of the mom's that I had become friendly with during orientation in the spring. Even more excited to find out that her son and Emilee were in the same class. Her teacher seems very nice too. I got to speak to her for a few minutes just filling her in on some of Emilee's little quirks (i.e. very chatty and sensitive). We found Emilee's locker outside in the hall and also found her name all over the classroom on different boards. She's the only one in her class with a December birthday so that should be a special time for her this year in school. Tomorrow she goes for a half day and then on Monday it's full day from here on out. Let the fun begin!


3 enchanted replies:

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Your girls are so sweet!!! I love their matching rucksacks. This is a big time for you as I have just been through it with one child. Try and enjoy that bit more time for yourself!!!
Love Collette xxx

Get Real Girl said...

How fun. I love the pictures with their signs. I should have done that!

Diana {The Princess Escapades} said...

I got the sign idea from another blog - i wish I could remember which one though. :(