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{Princess Escapades}

The past few days have been so busy. The hubs had the day off yesterday so that always throws my routine off interferes with my loafing around. I took the girls for haircuts at Snippets. While it's fun for them, I think that place is totally overrated and overpriced. I could have brought them to my favorite hair dresser EVER, Tosha, and she would have given them a better cut and it would have cost me much less. But.........I digress. I forgot to bring the camera too. Not one of my better mothering moments.

I redesigned my blog.................again. I even changed the name a bit. I think The Princess Escapades is definitely more fitting. lol It's always an adventure. For example, on our way to Snippets we had to stop at Target so that I could use the bathroom. I'm famous for having to make pit stops. I get that from my mom. Anyhow, I drag Princess Emilee and Princess Gracie into the stall with me and are hoping and praying that they don't open the door on me (which Emilee did once but that's another post!). Grace sits on the floor (I know, ewww gross) and decides it would be fun to peek under the wall at the lady next to us. I hear this loud gasp and shreek. lol I'm embarrassed although I think it's hilarious and I'm trying not to laugh. Poor lady. lol So, yeah. This title is definitely more fitting, don't ya think?


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