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{I Thought I Was Raising Girls}

Last night Tim was working late and Gracie had taken a late nap so naturally I was dreading the night. I was pretty tired from all the laundry I managed to get done yesterday and I really just wanted to crash. Then I thought about my new friend Amy's blog and how she talks about making memories with her girls (she has 3!). Recently she blogged about how her girls were so excited about these aprons they had recieved and when she got home from the gym (exhausted and tired) at 8:30 at night they surrounded her asking her to bake with them. As tired as she was, she took her girls to the kitchen and they whipped up a quick dessert and made a fun memory. Well, clearly I had no excuse (we all know I was not at the gym working my butt off! )so I announced that we were going to have a girl's night in my bedroom including my bed, popcorn and a movie of their choice. Daddy Daycare it is. Or as Gracie calls it Daddy Aycare. She's been dropping the first letter off of a lot of words lately. She'll say ola bar when she means granola bar. She calls our favorite restaurant Ugaboo when it's really Bugaboo. Very cute.

Anyhow, about a 1/4 of the way into the movie, Gracie lets one loose. Of course Emilee had to say "eeew, who farted?" and it began. The farting, the smelling of the hinee's, the laughter. lol The 2 "princesses" were getting such a kick out of themselves. They had so much fun just carrying on and laughing. Strangely enough the room didn't even really smell .Well, maybe just a little. lol Here I thought I was raising "girls" but clearly these 2 hold their own if ever a little boy enters our family. :)


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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Your bathroom remodel is awesome!!! Our last home was built in the 50's too and looked that gross! Ew.
Thanks for visiting my blog!